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San Jose Science, Technology and Society
2005-2006 Linus Pauling Memorial Lectures
Emergence and Design
The San Jose Science, Technology and Society Lecture Series launches its Second Season at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts on Monday, November 7th, 2005. The series explores the latest technological advances and scientific discoveries dramatically altering our understanding of the universe and our role in it.
Origin of the Universe

Dr. Stephen W. Hawking
2005 Lecture Tour
8 PM Monday
November 7th, 2005

Promise and Peril

Joel Garreau
Institute for Public Policy

8 PM Tuesday
January 24, 2006

Alien Worlds
The Search for
Other "Earths"

Dr. Gibor Basri
Univ of California - Berkeley

8 PM Monday
March 13th, 2006
California Theatre, 345 S First Street, downtown San Jose
Of Creation and Kings
Illustrating Maya Origins

Dr. William Saturno
University of New Hampshire
8 PM Tuesday
May 16th, 2006