Origin of the Universe

with Dr. Stephen W. Hawking

2005 Public Lecture Tour

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World renowned cosmologist and author of the best-selling book A Brief History of Time, Hawking holds the prestigeous chair at Cambridge University, the Lucasian professorship, once held by Sir Isaac Newton.

San Jose, Monday, November 7th
Center for Performing Arts

Oakland, Thursday, November 10th
Paramount Theatre

Seattle, Wednesday, November 16th
Paramount Theatre

Cosmology is making a paradigm-shift in thinking about the formation of stars, galaxies, black holes and, indeed,  about the origin of the universe itself.

Seventy percent of the universe is a strange ‘dark energy’. Even the cornerstone theory of gravity must be reconsidered.

NASA’s Swift satellite, in just the last few months, has revealed startling new details of black hole formation.  The Swift observations challenge us to consider a dramatically different view – one that entails multiple explosive outbursts not just a single bang, as previously thought.

Professor Hawking – at the forefront of research on bothblack holes and the origins of the universe – presents a rare public lecture on his current hypotheses.