Be Here,

Greg Kramer

Gregory Kramer is a scientific researcher, author and composer, entrepreneur, and teacher. He is a founding figure in the emerging field of Auditory Display and published the first book in this area,"Auditory Display: Sonification, Audification and Auditory Interfaces" (Addison Wesley) He lectures on this topic at research institutions worldwide. He inaugurated the International Conference on Auditory Display, chaired the ICAD 92 and ICAD 94 conferences and co-Chaired ICAD '96. He has been a member of the Santa Fe Institute since 1989 where his area of concentration has been sonification of high dimensional systems, immersive interfaces, and understanding how we comprehend complexity. Kramer is on the Editorial Board of the MIT journal Presence. He received his B.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts in 1972, his M.A. in Composition from NYU in 1978, and his Ph.D. in "Learning and Change in Human Systems" from CIIS in 1997.

A National Endowment for the Arts Composition Fellow, and Assistant Professor at New York University from 1975-79, Mr. Kramer also founded the non-profit arts organization Harvestworks, in New York City. He founded and toured extensively with the Electronic Art Ensemble, and is recorded on the Gramavision and Erdenklang lables. Greg has scored many films, including several award-winning animations and PBS features. He has been developing new instruments with Dr. Robert Moog and holds patents in auditory display and audio signal processing. Currently Dr. Kramer is the president of Clarity, an auditory display and music technology research and development company. He was a guest professor at the Japan's National Institute for Fusion Science.

A longtime student of Buddhist Insight meditation, Vipassana, Greg has studied with esteemed teachers from Thailand and Sri Lanka. He has taught meditation since 1980 and conducted numerous retreats nationally and internationally. He co-developed the practice of Insight Dialogue and has been teaching the practice at meditation and personal growth centers, and to interested Boards and other groups. Greg co-founded and is the Chairman of Spiritual City Club and co-founded and Chaired Harvest With Heart, a hunger project in upstate New York. The President of the Metta Foundation, Kramer is directing their efforts to make the Buddha's teachings relevant to our time and place. He is the father of three sons and lives with his wife in Portland, OR.


Gregory Kramer, Ph.D.

Metta Foundation/Clarity

Portland, OR