Dave Ulmer

David J. Ulmer began his career as an Electronic Engineer (BSEE) at
Tektronix Inc. in 1973 where he worked designing instrumentation and
software. In 1978 he became Director of Engineering at a startup company
FutureData in Los Angeles. This company eventually sold out to GenRad and
his stock became publicly traded. With cash from the stock Dave went on to
work on his own private research projects.

In the early 1980's Dave began his privately funded research into human
communication using computer networks. After spending years on ARPAnet and
the EIES network of New Jersey Institute of Technology he realized the need
for a new communications software system. He called his system
Language(ISSU), pronounced 'Language of Issue' and the development of this
system has been his life's work ever since.

Today you may recognize the terms 'My Computer' and 'My Documents' on a
computer screen near you. Dave is determined to add 'My Issues' to this list
of fundamental concepts that computers do. My Issues would encompass the
concept of living collaborative documents that define a person's life by the
issues they are involved in.

Issues pointed the way to his second avenue of research that could
understand the mathematical foundations of DNA coding. Dave is excited about
proving the existence of 65536 complex equations that DNA codes indicate.
Currently his research is on hold as he wanders around looking for money and
trying to improve his salesmanship skills.