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Fred Phillips

As head of the Management Department at OGI, Dr. Fred Phillips built the Northwest's premier management degree program for high technology
leaders. He also holds Fifth-Dan rank in Aikido, and has taught Zen martial art for nearly 30 years. His latest book is

The Conscious Manager:
Zen for Decision Makers http://www.generalinformatics.com/CM/preorder.htm

Imagine a manager who always sees the big picture - details and context - when making decisions. Imagine further that she acts swiftly and decisively once a decision is made. She is a "Conscious Manager." A conscious manager acts with abandon because she is not attached to the outcome of the decision. She is also happy because she is always fully present to enjoy the journey. this is a fascinating and much-needed book, especially in light of the short-term, bottom-line mentality of today's business world.
- Drs. George Kozmetsky
(Winner of the National Medal of Technology, 1999)
and Raymond Yeh , co-authors of Zero Time

Zen for Decision Makers
Explore how Zen principles can:
Make you and the people who work for you happier and moreproductive, and Lead to better decisions.

The Zen path to responsible decision making is a powerful yet simple re-framing of the troubling issues that face us when we make decisions. Participants experience these principles through gentle physical exercises and guided meditations. The presentation includes discussion and coaching about your own decision-making. Are you struggling with a tough decision? Still wondering about a decision you made in the past? Bring it along, and we'll be interactive.

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Management in Science and Technology
OGI School of Science & Engineering
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