Martin Middlewood

Martin Middlewood is an award winning freelance writer, researcher and public relations strategist. He has dealt with high technology since 1976 working with technologies ranging from semiconductors to supercomputers and everything in between, including modeling software, test instrumentation, electronic data interchange, computer-based graphics, computer-based development tools, computer languages, computer eyewear, PC software, networking, neurocomputing, robotics and artificial intelligence.

During his twelve years Waggener Edstrom, Middlewood was the firm’s resident expert on the Internet, and an Internet advisor to the other client teams, including Corbis, Visio and Microsoft. He developed a two-part training program involving readings and online learning to train the agency. He worked to establish the Waggener Edstorm’s Internet presence, and developed the agency’s first two web pages. He also spent time investigating how cyberspace and electronic communication will change how public relations is conducted.

In 1988, he pioneered the electronic delivery of press materials while working with a client selling audio workstations to sound stages and recording studios. By submitting press releases to music and entertainment editors and using an arts network email system as a delivery mechanism, he was able to secure influential coverage for this client. He also worked with First Technology Credit Union to introduce the first online home banking service for credit unions. His own experience with the Internet began in late 1993 when using the Unix command line, Pine, and the vi editor were “state of the art.”

Among the companies he has worked with creating product collateral, press materials, and technical articles for are: Tektronix, Central Point Software, Computervision, OECO, American Electronics Association, Synopsys/Logic Automation, First Technology Credit Union, FPS Computing, Sage Software, Saros, Microsoft, Cenquest, WorkSite 21, WorldStream Communications, Netpodium, Freeme.com, First to File, Holistix, NetMotion Wireless Inc., PRIO, SoMA Design, VirtualDesign.Net, WRQ and Visio.

His education includes a master's degree from Eastern Washington University in professional and technical writing and an undergraduate degree in English with an emphasis on linguistics and rhetoric. He has written award winning educational tutorial materials for technical audiences, and ghost written nearly 100 articles on a variety of technical and non-technical subjects for a wide range of technical and trade magazines. For four years, he was the editor and publisher of the “Cognizer Report,” a newsletter focusing on the commercialization of intelligent technologies, including neural networks, genetic algorithms, artificial life, fuzzy logic, and virtual reality. He worked at Tektronix, Inc. (Beaverton, Ore.) as a senior technical writer, public relations manager, and marketing communications manager.

Since 1983, Martin has been a scientific and technical writing curriculum advisor for Clark College (Vancouver, Wash.), helping develop the Clark program to the best two-year curriculum in the nation. He is also a published poet. His biography has been listed in Who’s Who in the West since 1986, and is currently listed in Who’s Who in America.