Steve Mastin

Stephen H. Mastin, PhD, held the position of Senior Licensing Executive at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon for the past five years.

Before joining OHSU, he spent over 20 years in the biomedical industry, most notably as the Senior Director of Diagnostics at Cetus Corporation (now part of Chiron) where his group developed PCR technology and at Microbiological Associates (now BioReliance) where he helped redirect that organization into biotech safety testing.

He has also held research positions at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico and academic positions at Washington University in St. Louis and at UCLA.




10500 SE 26th Avenue, #E35
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Over 25 years of experience in all aspects of the biomedical industry, including R&D, patent strategy and protection, manu-facturing and QC, clinical studies, QA and regu-la-tory affairs. An additional 15 years of ex-peri-ence in basic chemical research, from organic syn-thesis to single crystal x-ray diffraction and in-strument automation.

Professional Experience

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Portland, OR 12/97 to 6/02
Senior Licensing Executive B managed the intellectual property of OHSU, including working with faculty to identify commercially viable technologies and demonstrate its feasibility, and licensing to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries and to VC-funded start-ups

Mastin Consulting, Milwaukie, OR 10/96 to 12/97
Specializing in evaluation of research concepts and technologies for commercial viabil-ity; planning of, and resource allocation for, devel-opment required to turn research ideas into viable products. Also provided scientific analysis of clinical study results for the pharmaceutical industry, including manuscripts for peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Oxis International, Portland, OR 10/87 to 11/96
Manager, Business Development, Oxidative Stress Diagnostics -- Defined business opportunity; identified new products, found potential technical collaborators and corporate partners. Provided technical and customer support for product line.
Vice President, Technical Operations, International BioClinical, Inc (IBC; acquired DDI Pharmaceuticals and merged with Bioxytech to form OXIS in 9/94) -- Directed transi-tion and growth of IBC from a $300,000/yr radioimmunoassay (RIA) company to a $2 million/yr manu-facturer of fluorescence polarization immunoassays (FPIAs) for therapeu-tic drug monitor-ing (TDM); developed new FPIA products, manufacturing and QC procedures. Defined and developed Clinical Operations business, which provided worldwide TDM services to phar-ma-ceutical companies during clinical studies of new drugs (e.g., for Merrell Dow and teicoplanin).

MicroBiological Associates (MBA; now BioReliance), Rockville, MD 3/86 to 10/87
Director of Diagnostics -- 40-person group, $2 million annual budget. Based on an analysis of MBA=s existing expertise, defined business opportunity for safety testing of bioengineered pharma-ceutical products. Identified company=s patentable technologies; analyzed prior art, wrote patent applications with outside attorneys. Transferred Daryl Labs operations to East Coast and merged it into MBA.
Vice-President of Operations, Daryl Laboratories, San Jose, CA (leveraged buyout of, and merger with, MBA, a division of Whittaker Corporation, completed in 6/86) -- Developed and manufactured murine and companion animal immunodiagnostic products based on a novel gel/solid matrix using front surface fluorescence detection and instrumenta-tion.

Cetus Corporation (now part of Chiron), Emeryville, CA 2/85 to 11/85
Senior Director, Diagnostics B 50-person group, $8 million annual budget. Determined program priorities, reor-ganized department into project teams. Member of the corpo-rate 5-person R&D Management Committee and 15-person Operating Committee. Directed development of PCR technology; conceptualized automation of process, including design of

thermal cycling and pipetting instrumentation. Also developed monoclonal antibody-based assays for prostate spe-cific antigen (PSA), ras oncogenes, and other cancer analytes.

Nuclear Medical Laboratories, Warner-Lambert, Irving TX 9/83 to 10/84
R&D Director -- 25-person group, $1 million annual budget. Developed processes and key assays for new solid phase RIA product line. Developed monoclonal antibody-based en-zyme immunoassay (EIA) for hepatitis B surface antigen, oversaw clinical studies and suc-cess-ful FDA submission. Also managed programs in hepatitis C, allergen assay development.

Micromedic Systems Division, Rohm & Haas, Horsham, PA 7/76 to 8/83
Manager, R&D -- 15-person group, $300,000 annual budget. Developed over 40 products, including RIAs, for automated instru-ment system, manufacturing processes for coated tube RIAs, automated control, data collection, and analysis system for gamma counters.
Research Scientist, Fibers Division, Rohm & Haas 9/75 to 6/76
Developed processes for manufacture of semiconductor-coated (antistatic) nylon fiber and air-en-tangled polyester fiber (for use in weaving) through pilot plant scale.

Washington University, St. Louis, MO 9/70 to 6/75
Assistant Professor, Inorganic Chemistry -- synthesis, spectroscopy, and crystallog-raphy of inorganic and organometallic compounds. Developed stable free radical analogs of anti-tumor drug cis-Pt and determined the specific sites of its interaction with DNA by elec-tron spin resonance.

Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM (Q security clearance) 9/68 to 8/70
Staff Member -- synthesis, spectroscopy, and crystallography of main group, lanthanide, and actinide fluorides in unusual oxida-tion states; published textbook ex-amples of structures demonstrating stereochemically active electron pairs.
Visiting Staff Member -- crystallography of organometallic compounds 6/71 to 8/75

Ph.D., 1968; UCLA, Los Angeles, CA; Inorganic Chemistry
B.S., 1963; CalTech, Pasadena, CA; Chemistry

Professional Activities
Biotech Advisory Committee, Portland Community College

Professional Memberships
American Chemical Society, 1963-present
Association of University Technology Managers, 1997-present