Gordon Hoffman

Gordon Hoffman is a managing director of Northwest Technology Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on seed investments in Oregon companies that commercialize technology from university and other research institutions. He was Director of Technology Commercialization at the Oregon Graduate Institute (OGI) for the two years prior to their merger with OHSU, and is an angel investor in the Portland area.

In 1997 he sold a software company he co-founded, Eagle Design Automation in Beaverton, his second venture-capital-funded software startup. He’s started several other ventures as well, including an intrapreneurial new division within United Technologies Corporation, United Technologies Microelectronics Center.

Gordon has worked in high-tech development for most of his career, spending 15 years in the semiconductor industry and 15 years in electronic-design-automation software. He's been actively involved in supporting higher education/industry cooperation, both in Oregon and in Colorado, and in supporting entrepreneurial and youth-directed science education. He is currently an instructor and advisory board chairman of Saturday Academy, a member of PSU’s advisory council to their CS and EE departments, and a member of the PSU Foundation board.

Gordon received his BSEE from the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he was a co-op student working at Argonne National Laboratory, and his MSEE from Stanford University.


Gordon Hoffman
Managing Director
Northwest Technology Ventures

209 SW Oak Street
Portland, OR 97204

Phone: 503 943-0888
FAX: 503 222-2834
Cell: 503 209-8246

Gordon Hoffman <ghoffman@nwtechventures.com>